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MultiAnalyzer Software

Protocol analysis software for digital PMR standards (TETRA / DMR)


The intuitive operation of the software allows an in-depth analysis of load distribution (MCCH / TCH) and in particular of the "cell change parameters". The MAS is a unique product, which, moreover, the data received in real-time analyses and these in graphs (bar, pie, list view) illustrates. Shows the whole spectrum of records and neighbour channels.

Maximum 4 carrier will simultaneously displayed in TETRA (4 Downlinks or 4 Uplinks, or mixed).

Supports the decryption of static and dynamic encrypted messages.

The software works with various test receivers from renowned manufactures as well as with Software Defined Radios (RTL283xU).

Message Sequency Chart (MSC)

Message Sequency Chart (MSC)

  • View of all protocol layers (LMac \ UMac \ LLC \ MLE \ MM\CMCE \ TL-SDS\SNDCP\SS)

  • Direct jump function from MSC to QoS view and reverse (directly to the corresponding point of time of the message)

  • Information of the considered PDU will be shown in a text field below the protocol view

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Graphical representation of the load analysis (MCCH / SCCH 1-3 / TCH)

  • Graphical view of the cell change parameter (un- and encrypted / accept / broken / request / reject / leaving / command update)

  • TOP 10 list of subscriber

  • View of neighbour cells

Quality of Service (QoS)
​Scanner application

​Scanner application

  • Demodulation and view of digital carrier (TETRA and DMR)

  • Differentiation of MCCH / TCH / CCH

  • View of the carrier parameters as text field

  • Real time view of the Message Error Rate (MER)


  • Direct jump function from the scanner application into the protocol analysing (MSC) or Qualitiy of Service module (QoS) of the chosen carrier from the list view possible

Just a little bit more than analyzing ....
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