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Shield Box

Antenna Test Chamber
LOW-PIM shielding chamber
  • special design for low PIM antenna measurements

  • shielding > 90 dB

  • frequency range 700 MHz to 6000 MHz

  • residual PIM up to -165 dBc @ 2 x 43dBm (DUT dependent)

  • up to 6 antenna ports for multi-band and MIMO antennas

  • antennas up to 3.9 m length

  • customized solutions available on request



  • Communications System Analyzers


  • Spectrum Analyzer


  • RF Monitor

RF Shield Boxes
  • built to test and measure any kind of electronic module

  • robust and for heavy duty applications

  • well suited for R&D or high volume production

  • high quality filters allow to controll and communicating with the DUT with minimal influence of the shielding performance

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