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Signal-and-Noise Voter

The SNV-12 Signal-and-Noise Voter is the perfect solution for LMR systems where communication dead spots can be a major challenge. In situations where mobiles and portables can hear a repeater, but the repeater can't hear them due to lower transmit power or antenna issues, the SNV-12 comes in to extend the talk-back range and ensure crystal-clear audio

highly adaptable and cost-effective radio voting networks
  • Accesses and analyzes backhaul audio from two types of receiver/transceiver sites:

    • Traditional analog backhaul such as leased lines

    • IP backhaul methods such as a private network or IP microwave

  • Votes for the highest quality audio by analyzing the audio signals

  • The backhaul method used is not a factor in determining the quality of the audio signal voted for

Z-Series Controller.PNG
high-performance device that provides accurate timing information, digitizes the audio, and delivers it to the SVM-3 module channel associated with the SNV-12

  • By co-locating the QMT-1B remote with the radio at the receiver/transceiver site, IP backhaul is used to send high-quality audio signals to the SNV-12 voter without losing synchronization

  • Innovative solution ensures that the quality of the audio signals remains high, even in situations with challenging network conditions

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