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Communication Tester

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The Communication Tester with single-port Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

The R8200’s newly designed RF architecture features the best spectral purity in the industry and provides various additional features:


  • 1-Port Vector Network Analyzer with Return Loss vs Frequency, VSWR vs Frequency,
    Distance to Fault and Cable Loss applications

  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) measurements without any external equipment

  • Distance to Fault (DTF) measurements 

  • Return Loss measurements

  • advanced RF Parameters in a Smith Chart

  • Process Automation Toolkit

  • Remote Front Panel

  • Extended Generator Port Output Range

Additionally, every R8200 comes standard with

  • Internal Lithium Ion Battery

  • Dual Display/Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer

  • Tracking generator


The Communication Tester with integrated built-in battery

The ultimate, ultra-portable LMR test solution boasting the same industry leading spectral purity as the R8000 and provides various additional features:


  • AutoTune automated test and alignment for Harris XG-75 radio

  • Positive Train Control (PTC) option

  • field-swappable internal battery

  • MIL SPEC Class 3 shock and vibration rating

  • brilliant, color-enhanced display

  • foreign language softkeys (English and German )

  • headphone jack for use in high noise environment

  • tuning knob useable for data entry

  • ruggedized carrying handle

Additionally, every R8100 comes standard with

  • high performance spectrum analyzer including proprietary “Dual Display"

  • Tracking generator

  • Cable fault locator

Options and Accessories


The Communication Tester for signal analysis and repair

The R8000C is a portable Communication Tester for multiple analogue and digital communication standards, integrating a wide range of measurement instruments with those functions that you really need for service and repair. The measurements can be observed on a large and bright display (800 x 600) - due to it can be used in the direct sunlight as well. It is designed for radios & other RF-products up to 3 GHz and a maximum output power of 150 watt.

The Communication System Analyzer supports analogue as well as digital radio systems like the integrated DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), an ETSI standard for digital radio systems. Further digital options are dPMR, APCO P25, NXDN and TETRA.

Various other options like distance to fault can be supplemented and a variety of laboratory and field applications are configurable.

The instrument offers the option of an automatic adjustment of DMR (Motorola), NXDN (Kenwood NX), HARRIS XG-75 and analogue terminals.

Further meausurement modes are:

  • Sensitive Measurement Receive

  • Modulation Scope

  • Frequency Error Meter

  • Distortion Meter

  • SINAD Meter

  • 5/6 Tone Paging (CCITT / ZVEI / Two-Tone Paging)


R8000                                        R8100


Options and Accessories



The Radio Test Set for Airborne Radio Test

  • testing airborne and ground radios

  • extended lifetime with headroom to test modern radios

  • plug and play support for GRM-122 TPSs and cable sets

  • ideal for ARC-231, ARC-210, ARC-201 and more

  • reduced downtime caused by minimum MTTR and rapid automaded calibration

  • customziseable PXIe-based platform



Tactical Radio Test Set

  • dedicated engineering, factory and field support staff

  • combines 16 instruments into one, e.g. RF signal generator, receiver, powermeter; RF analyzers - spectrum, VSWR, cable distance-to-fault; AF signal generator and more

  • fault detection and operational verification of radio communications

  • customizable, cybersecure software with windows-based interface

  • reduced maintenance, calibration and lifecycle ownership costs

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