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Communication Gateways

JPS gateways simplify communication across various industries, including first responders, retail, hospitality, education, and more, by connecting different types of devices. The ACU-Z1, RSP-Z2, Z-Series Controller, and NXU-2B gateways can coherently mix and combine audio from sources such as mobile phone apps, radios, MCC Consoles, and other devices

Highly adaptable analog/VoIP gateway allows for audio connections between traditional radio systems and IP-based platforms, including JPS RoIP or JPS Bridge streams, SIP devices, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) applications
  • Integrates with Z-Series Controller to create an expandable, robust interoperability system

  • Unique advanced features complement JPS' attention to smooth integration with half-duplex devices

  • A growing list of audio streaming services ensures seamless patching of systems to radios or each other

Z-Series Controller.PNG
Z-Series Controller
establishes an interoperability system that can be easily scaled and managed through its simple browser-based user interface

  • Connects various audio communications devices remotely

  • Allows for audio sharing with JPS RoIP products like NXU-2B, ACU-M, or ACU-Z1, and tightly integrates with RSP-Z2

  • Boasts simplified multi-user dispatch capability

  • Monitoring non-dispatch resources

  • RTP and SIP recorder resources provide enhanced functionality

merges cutting-edge technology with JPS' 20-year expertise as the industry frontrunner in communication interoperability

  • Modular, 2U high, fully IP-centric device with advanced radio interface features

  • Interfaces with almost every type of voice communication

  • Modern user interface with a local handset and 12 plug-in modules for local connections

  • Supports up to 24 virtual IP-based resources, making it easy for operators to create and disband communication networks, monitor resources, record nets, and perform light dispatch operations

MCC Consoles.PNG
MCC Consoles
desktop microphones that offer remote audio access to JPS systems

  • Used as a dispatch interface or to join an interoperability network

  • Easily integrated with any of JPS' Z-Series devices, including the ACU-Z1, RSP-Z2, or Z-Series Controller

  • Embedded JPS Bridge protocol enables seamless connection to these systems over an IP network, without the need for additional gateways

builds upon JPS' widely accepted RoIP gateway to offer the most effective way to transport communications across any private IP network

  • Has modern components and features that allow for easy remote setup and troubleshooting of communication systems

  • Connects communication equipment over an IP network using JPS RoIP technology

  • Use with radios or other four-wire devices, as well as JPS products like ACU interoperability gateways

  • Supports multiple vocoders, providing high-quality audio with minimal use of network bandwidth

compact, easily portable and quickly deployable interoperability gateway

  • Feature-rich and can be networked and managed remotely

  • Intuitive interface, ensuring easy operation and providing field diagnostics and programming capabilities

  • With a comprehensive suite of DSP functions, providing significantly higher functionality than its competitors

  • Allows for devices to be interconnected in any combination, from three independent nets to a single net with all users connected together

  • Offers maximum portability, making it ideal for establishing command and control in various field applications

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