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„modern engineering for modern design“

The modern way to reduce costs

and time to market for all of us!

Your success is our focus

"Nothing succeeds then success" is our slogan which expresses our willing to be successful!

Our way to achieve this is a sustainable future as a long-term partnership with our clients.

and our solution:

We offer RF-measurement equipment and individual RF-products for the whole PMR / LMR segment. We gladly undertake special hardware or software developments for you as well.

a long-term partnership!

We will be happy to support you in any case from start to finish to find the right RF-product solution for your purpose. For this reason we also offer trainings focused on TETRA and DMR.


  • Communications System Analyzers


  • Spectrum Analyzer


  • RF Monitor

Our Services

Implementation and Development

  • Protocol stacks for professional mobile radio (TETRA, TEDS, DMR)

  • RF measurement algorithms (e.g. C/I, vector error, frequency offset, residual carrier)

  • Cross-platform applications (e.g. intuitive handling of complex protocol data relationships, merging data collected on different devices)

  • Digital signal processing (e.g. filtering, modulation, synchronization, error correction)

  • Measurement and signal processing on embedded systems (e.g. ThreadX, Nucleous, QNX, Linux)

Support and Training

  • For analyzing, filtering and inspecting of protocol data (e.g. human readable protocol view, graphical visualization of large amounts of protocol data)

  • Technical training focused on TETRA, TEDS, DMR

  • Product training e.g. for the MultiAnalyzer Software or R8000 Series


  • Embedded and application development in C/C++ of real time critical communication utilizations /e.g. Code Composer Studio)

  • FPGA programming in VHDL (e.g. polyphase filter for use in OFDM systems)

  • Simulation and application development using MATLAB, Octave, Phyton (with Numpy, Scipy) (e.g. verification of C-implementations regarding the signal processing, filter design)

  • Cross-platform application development using QT (e.g. graphical user interface development to view and handle complex data

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