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Cable and Antenna Analyzer

SiteOne 3028
Cable & Antenna Analyzer
for all major communication bands from 50 kHz to 4400 MHz

  • simultaneous measurement of two different parameters

  • graphical illustration of measurement

  • colour LCD screen, visible in direct sunlight

  • SSD card memory to hold years of measurement data

  • measured and saved data can be communicated via USB to a PC with application software

  • following measurement modes:
    - SWR & S11
    - Distance To Fault (selectable: Meter or Feet)
    - Smith Chart
    - S11 & S21
    - S21
    - S11 & Smith Chart
    - R, j, Z

3013 SWR True (FAT 2710, SWR 4000) Antennen Messgerät
SWR True 3013
Antenna Analyzer (SWR)
frequency range 30 to 2700 MHz
  • measurement and analysis of antennas

  • graphic illustration of measured values in VSWR diagram

  • documentation of measured values possible (CSV or BMP file)


6100 Wire Fault Tester

  • ideal for use on military or commercial aircraft, ground vehicles, ships and any high-vibration equipment

  • precisely locates and assesses existing and potential wire faults

  • Low Energy, High Voltage (LEHV) and Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometer (SSTDR) technology

  • pinpoint faults, opens and shorts before issues arise

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