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MultiAnalyzer Direction Finder


The MultiAnalyzer Direction Finder allows direction finding of TETRA and GSM devices. It consists of a main program and driver files that integrate the supported hardware R&S®DDF550 and R&S® EM100. 


  • Supports locating TETRA and GSM signalling

  • TETRA: Filter for SSI, Speech or Time-Slot

  • GSM: Filter for Time-Slot

  • Shows reception power by slot

  • Shows spectrum (channel and wideband)

  • Supports R&S MapView (local or remote PC)

  • Saves the recorded data as MAF files (can be displayed simultaneously by MSC    and QoS)

  • Loads and displays directional findings of the recorded MAF files

MultiAnalyzer Protocol Software

The received protocol and the direction-finding data are saved. With the help of the MultiAnalyzer software, they can be evaluated in detail or with the help of a plug-in. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is provided for this purpose. 

GPS coordinates are sent from the mobiles, these GPS coordinates are forwarded by the infrastructure, or received (and decrypted) by the direction finder. The direction finder data is also forwarded by the plug-in. Both data are merged and verified by an application at the customer's site. In case of discrepancies, an alarm is triggered automatically.

R&S MapView Software

The direction-finding data from the target mobile is also forwarded to the R&S MapView software in real time

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