• RF-measurement equipment
  • MultiAnalyzer for TETRA and DMR
  • PIM-Tester for all frequencies
  • Digital/analogue Communication Tester (DMR/NXDN/TETRA)
  • Training

  • Support

  • Consulting for DMR/TETRA/TEDS                                 

Project development
  • Innovative solutions in software development

  • Protocol stacks for DMR/TETRA/TEDS


  • Communications System Analyzers


  • Spectrum Analyzer


  • RF Monitor

Happy New Year from rfe-global to you!
Acewavetech PIM Analyzer Firmware v2.1.6.0 Release
We are excited to announce that the firmware releases v2.1.6.0 for the Acewavetech PIM Analyzer is now available for download
PIM Tester_rand.png
Top 5G Products in 2021 list of everything RF includes ThinkRF D4000 RF Downconverter/Tuner